Really? A ‘Super Congress?’

This is one of the more strange spins I’ve read on a new joint committee. Senate leaders, along with Speaker Boehner, are proposing a new committee of 12 members. The committee would be made of 6 members from each chamber with an even party divide. This is for sure: this committee would be neither ‘super’ nor a ‘congress’ by any meaningful definition. I’ll have more on this later as I digest this most recent headache in debt limit negotiations. We are getting into strange territory.

Update: I should have noted that it is ‘super’ because the proposals from this committee could not be amended in either chamber. Not that this would guarantee passage, or is even procedurally viable in the Senate, but it would eliminate potentially damaging amendments that could undermine the compromise.


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2 Responses to Really? A ‘Super Congress?’

  1. Jon Mack says:

    Nothing new. Maybe things have changed but a Congressional committee of four used to be the real rulers of the USA, two Democrats, two Republicans. They decided who got what federal money. Lobbyists loved them. Is this committee still in operation?

  2. Jordan Ragusa says:

    So this “super Congress” is really a conference committee, and the premise for referring legislation to this “super Congress” is to foster compromise and concession. Someone should write a paper on this topic…

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